Friday, January 16, 2015

The End of Eternity, by Isaac Asimov - book review

Rating: 4/5

Mankind has conquered Time Travel and a society of guardians,  the Eternals,  regulate human activity by small interventions that are calculated to optimize human happiness in all the centuries in which man still exists. A member of the Eternals seeks to buck his responsibility to Eternity though,  when his love for a Timer contravenes the Eternal's code of conduct.

There's a good deal of world-building in the opening chapters of this book,  so much that I began to worry that that's all there was,  but small flaws in the description of the utopia described through the regulating actions of the Eternals build up and lead to a richly layered narrative that flits between the love story,  flimsy at first but steadily more believable,  and the larger context of the relationship between the Timers and the Eternals,   the politicking between the Eternals themselves,  and the light shone on the small mysteries in the fabric of the curated universe as they converge and coalesce,  becoming more gripping as the story moves into a conflict for the very survival of Eternity itself. Riveting read!

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