Thursday, June 6, 2013

Warm bodies - book review

Warm bodies - book review

My rating: 1/5

This book started off rather well. First-person zombie account. Zombie walking around doing aimless zombie things. Zombism as a metaphor for leading a numb, deadened, routine existence (Zombies are always metaphors for something. That's what's interesting in the zombie genre: find the metaphor).

But then, suddenly! It devolves into trite sentimentalism. Like the author decided he didn't want to write a novel, what he really wanted to do was make a pop music video about feeling alive, and in love, and long lists of things separated by commas that bring you to the core of existence, bla bla bla.

Add to that a mechanistic plot, carefully obvious twists, a vapidly brave female character who appears to be a stand-in for the mother figure, and there you have a tepid zombie novel. The message of the novel is that we can all learn to just shrug off our torpor (the zombie comes alive by the powah of love) given that we find some shallow blond dramatically teen girlfriend to bring meaning into our previously meaningless lives. If you don't have the physique to woo such a babe, you can also just piggy-back off someone else's love affair and heal your incipient zombism through a proxy.

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