Monday, June 4, 2012

American Gods review

American Gods - Neil Gaiman

My rating: 2/5

I must admit I'm underwhelmed by this book. The premise is interesting, the difficultly of gods to throw and maintain roots in American soil, and a conflict of old and new gods to determine who keeps the mindshare of the American people. The story, however, is just comic-book-ish in both content and execution: psychology and description take a distant backdrop to dialogue, which left me frustratingly wondering just what goes on in a god's mind. The powers and vulnerabilities of gods are never explained, which gives the story full latitude to bend and adapt to the necessities of the plot: sometimes the characters are above human frailties, sometimes not.

Plot twists and an interesting trip to the land of the dead do a good job of redeeming this book in the final quarter, however.

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